Friday, 9 November 2012

Snacks and progress

So it's been 4 days since my initial decision to change my life. In those 4 days I've already lost 6 pounds and managed to stay away from fizzy drinks(soda). Something I'll honestly say was really hard but with some family and friend support I murdered through.

So this leads me to my second little change that I have made to my habbits: snacking.

In the past if I was peckish I'd reach for a nice bickie (cookie) or a chocolate bar. Now though I have replaced this with peanuts, pistachios or raisins. Which I must admit so far I am really enjoying.

If anyone does have any tips for healthy eating without vej they would greatly be recieved.

Also I wanna say thankyou to everyone supporting me on Twitter it's really appreciated and encouraging.

Thanks again

Monday, 5 November 2012

Step 1

So I took all the measurements I wanted.
I'm currently 6'4 and weigh in at 21 stone

Now even when i was playing rugby full time i was 17.5 stone so i know I'll never be "Light-weight". So being "heavy" inst that big a deal, but I'm not happy with the amount of my weight that is fat compared to muscle.
I'd say when i was at 17 stone it was more muscle than fat. However now I feel it is the inverse situation.

So I have started off with a couple of very small changes to my lifestyle, eating/drinking habits just to kick off.

Step 1

So the 1st steps is to replace all "Soda/Fizzy" style drinks, and all fatty, sugary drinks, with either water or cordials ("squash").

Now as I currently work in a bar, this means a MASSIVE change from a very small decision  as I tend to drinks tons of Pepsi when at work as its on hand and easy to access.

The second part of step 1, is again a very small and simple change, when I am not at work I will take a 30 min - 60 min walk. Now these has 2 benefits for me really, firstly it will increase my general fitness, and burn of some calories. secondly it will give me a good excuse to spend more time with my Dog, and get out of the house more :P

So these are very very basic steps but I find if i work on goals by starting small and increasing each set of goals that i stick to them more rigidly. 

So that's my start :D any thoughts, advice, encouragement, or even if you just wanna share your own story feel free to comment or email me ( or tweet me :D @Gimpsgold


Saturday, 3 November 2012

Personal Goals, and Fitness

OK so this is more a post for me than anything.

Today i decided I'm  not happy with my body, I'm unfit, unhealthy and have replaced alot of my muscle with fat.

So this is a post to say that I'm gonna change, I'm gonna make the changes I need to. I want to be happy, and I'm gonna do it.

My 1st goal is to plan ahead, over the next couple of days I will be taking accurate measurements of weight, waist size etc and set myself a goal.

But this is just my promise to myself, my friends and the people who always support me, I WILL SUCCEED! I WILL BECOME HAPPY!

Monday, 16 April 2012

Respect? Just for friends?

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Ok so I sit here at 5am on my 25th birthday, angry, a little mad and in all honestly very very upset and sad.

I'm a member of what we call the "Gold Blogging Community" or "Gold Making Community" and today for the 1st time ever I am not proud to be...
(Now a lot of these feelings are based upon a long term annoyance with certain issues that i feel have come to a head over 1 specific issue. so please take my writing throughout the latter part of the post as a general message i hope to portray to EVERYONE!)

There are some issues in the community, that rightly so are brought up and dealt with, the main one always being stolen content. Now 1st off I won't discuss if old arguments or new are rightful. I have my specific opinions and they are that opinions.

HOWEVER I will state if anyone is intentionally claiming others work as their own then they should be disgusted with themselves! on the other side if your a writer/video maker/podcaster/etc who feels someone is stealing your content, then contact them and see what can be done about it.

Now that little bit is out of the way I want to talk about respect and Manners.

I know what your thinking "Oh here we go a British guy, and good manners rant again"
but there is one thing I thing that i believe in my life that I really want to share with others.

It is not how we treat our loved ones that marks us as a man! It is the Respect we show ourselves, in our dealings with others, that shows true character!

I don't know if this is a quote from someone famous, or something a family member or teacher said to me growing up but it is something I firmly believe in!

This does not mean that we should, allow our opposition, or people that we do not agree with freedom to abuse us, or do wrong against us, but it means that we should even when mad and angry have the strength to be polite with our arguments, and hold respectful talks to resolving an issue.

By respect I mean simple things like not name calling, not belittling or intentional harassing people, as well as more complex things like hate campaigns and publicly humiliating them when it is inappropriate. Humiliation is a strong thing, and sometimes necessary, however when the target has remorse and is going to appropriate measures to make up for there wrongs then it is not respectful and in my opinion petty. (I'm talking about general issues here, not massive ones such as world politics etc)

Respect has a lot of different meanings based upon personal opinion, and to my mind there are two types of respect, the respect for someone you care for and love, and the general respect for yourself that controls the way you deal with others.

Now personally I like to have a lot of respect for myself, and how much I'm worth, so I therefore will not lower myself to publicly rudeness or humiliation of others when I can help it. I'm only human and yes the occasional name will be screamed when someone pushes into me, or cuts me up in traffic, but this is immediate reaction, not thought processed actions taken after the instantaneous reaction.

Yes you must earn my respect from others, and for me to go out of my way for you. But for me to deal with you with calmness and manners, you can do what ever you want, because I RESPECT myself!

Maybe this post will be ignored by people, maybe it will cause some to attack or ridicule me, but I had to rant, and the post is simply my opinions.

My pride for the gold making community will return, and my anger at it will be small and short lived as I love the community so much, but my activity in it may not, who knows.

A very tired and emotional...getting older :S Gimp Signing out